About me

I work on digital and data transformation at the Ministry of Defence.

About this blog

This is a personal blog and the views expressed are my own.

It is operated with the knowledge of my employer but does not necessarily reflect their views.

This blog and my participation in online discussions are subject to the Civil Service Code and the civil service Principles for Participation Online.

About the content

I’m using this blog to share my learning – so that over time it builds into a record of learning that I can refer back to. I’m tagging it so that it can potentially be useful to other people, too!

I use the following simple format to capture all my learning:

* What it was (description of the learning)
* What I learned (the key point I took away)
* What I will aim to do differently as a result (if possible)

I appreciate that some courses (etc) can contain copyright information (and it isn’t always obvious what is / is not protected at the time) so if you think I’ve inadvertently reproduced something without sufficient permission or attribution, please contact me and I’ll happily take it down.

The lessons I capture from talks (etc.) are absolutely not direct quotes from the individuals giving the talks – instead they are a summary of what I learned.

I’m trying to date the blog posts with the date of the learning, not the date I published the blog post. This is why the publication date of an entry may not match the date that the learning occurred.

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